BAS Mining Trucks has successfully introduced the tipper trucks on many mine sites and construction sites worldwide for more than 10 years. BAS Mining Trucks offers various types of tipper trucks. For high productivity, the side cylinder tipper is most effective.

For narrow underground conditions, a narrower front cylinder tipper could be more efficient. In industrial applications a variety of front cylinder tippers can be offered. From 18m3 up to 40m3 in volume.

Discover the benefits of the 10x6 tipper
  1. The 3rd driven axle is hydraulically suspended and steered. This makes the truck very suitable for more challenging underfoot conditions.
  2. The two side cylinders are double operative. Dumping takes less than 30 seconds. Lowering the body takes less than 20 seconds.
  3. All critical components are located high to protect them against dirt from ground level.

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10x6 Tipper projects

unique features of our mining trucks


RT3312 is a tandem axle with hub reduction. The maximum axle loading is 40 tonnes at a speed of 60 km/h. It is designed for heavy, demanding haulage. The two-axle drive means that the tractive effort can be transferred to the ground without wheel slip, giving excellent grip and very low tyre wear.


RSAP2 is a reinforced bogie to better withstand high loads under tough conditions.

Full Innerliner

For vehicles dealing with high frame stress, it is recommended to add reinforcements to the frame over the most exposed areas. The frame full inner liner is a 5 mm thick reinforcement profile, made from high-strength steel, that is applied from the front to the end of the frame.