According to your need, BAS Mining Trucks can help you achieve an efficient operation with the support of our experts. You can choose between two different service levels. With service level 1, BAS guarantees the availability of the trucks. Please find out which of these service levels suits you the best.

Service level 1 | maximum uptime

BAS Mining Trucks will make a detailed calculation of the costs of repair and maintenance per month and per working hour, which will be drawn up in a Maintenance & Repair agreement. You will pay a monthly fee in which oil, grease, fluids, all parts & components for repair & maintenance of chassis and body (normal wear & tear) are included.

All major parts & components will be in stock in spare parts containers on site. Inventory in the warehouse is electronically monitored and is in direct contact with the Netherlands.

An BAS Mining Trucks expert will be employed on site, who will be fulltime available to manage your fleet. He trains local mechanics and manages the repair and maintenance of the BAS Mining Trucks and the availability of parts. He is responsible to achieve the agreed uptime of 90%.

The use of the special Volvo tooling and the use of Volvo diagnostic computers is also included in this rate.

‘If chosen for Service Level 1, BAS Mining Trucks takes care of the complete management of your fleet and guarantees an availability of the trucks of 90%’

Service level 2 | project basics

With Service Level 2 we just start up the project. An expat will be employed on site for the first 3 months. He will take care of getting the trucks ready to use (vehicle hand-over) and training local drives & mechanics. He will provide technical support during the first three months and helps setting up a local mechanics. After 3 months, your local mechanics take over.

Subsequently BAS Mining Trucks can provide:

  • 24/7 helpdesk

    We offer a webbased client portal on which you can manage stock control, advise in repair and maintenance and several cost reports. Via this portal you can contact us anytime for technical support.

  • Assistance experts

    In case of calamities we can provide experienced mechanics in a very short period of time.

  • Special equipment & diagnostics Systems

    BAS Mining Trucks can supply all the necessary equipment, original Volvo tools and the required diagnostic equipment.

  • Guaranteed availability and supply of parts

    A spare parts container can be installed on site and electronically monitored. When major parts and components run out of stock, they will automatically be shipped to your project.

"Within the mining sector, it is essential that standstills are kept to an absolute minimum, and our global service provides you with the certainty you need"

Training mechanics & drivers

Depending on the service level you choose, BAS Mining Trucks can also provide an expat who is present permanently at your production location. This expat can provide guidance in the workshop and train your drivers and mechanics.


Thanks to our years of experience, we can provide excellent advice on the use of tires. Because of the cooperation with our reliable partners, we are able to deliver the tires to you on site.


We strive to provide you with maximum support. Taking care of the entire shipment is one of the many services we offer. We are delighted to arrange the delivery of your vehicles.

Shipment & customs

We have our own transport material to transport bought and sold vehicles. Many trucks are shipped via various European ports. BAS Mining Trucks has good contacts with different European ports, shipping companies and shipping agents, so that we dispose of competitive shipment prices for transport material. We can offer you this service as well as the transport of your bought vehicle to the port in question.

Shipping insurance

If you should wish so, it is also possible to take out a shipment insurance via BAS Mining Trucks. We have everything you need to insure your freight or cargo shipment to all destinations in the world, so you have total peace of mind while your trucks are being shipped. Please ask our salesmen for more information.