BAS Mining Trucks offers a service truck using the same type of Volvo truck. Using the same engine and transmission, there is an advantageous parts commonality with the haul trucks. The platform can be used to install a lubrication platform or a platform with crane to replace tyres on site.

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unique features of our mining trucks

Powertronic Transmission

This reliable transmission makes the truck very special. The 6-speed transmission is provided with a torque converter that more than doubles the torque in first two and reverse gear and delivers continuous traction, even when changing gear, making it ideal for working in extreme conditions. In top gear, the 6th, there is a lock-up that provides a direct connection so that the fuel consumption is reduced.


RSAP2 is a reinforced bogie to better withstand high loads under tough conditions.

Tandem Bogie

The RADD-TR2 is a lubrication free, robustly dimensioned leaf spring suspended bogie for tandem drive rear axles. It is available with a 9- or 11-leaf conventional multi-leaf spring, which both are particularly designed for Very Rough conditions (Road condition according to Global Truck Application).