Please find below the whitepapers BAS Mining Trucks has published. The whitepapers contain information, advice and food for thought on several mining topics.

Hauling & Transportation of ore

How to reduce cost of waste material transport? The haulage of ore and waste is an important activity in every underground mining operation. Generally, the haulage of these materials, represents 20-25% of the total mining costs. However, it is also one of the activities that is least tracked with regards to productivity and costs. But there is a big opportunity to increase productivity and reduce costs.

  • Consider new technologies
  • Think about equipment to keep waste rock underground
  • Increase underground safety

Costeffective haulage solutions

Investing in appropriate and costeffective haulage solutions? A lot of money can be saved with an integrated analysis of the purchase price of haul trucks on the one hand and operational costs on the other. Think of:

  • personnel costs (related to the deployment of specialist drivers)
  • maintenance and service costs
  • fuel costs

When investing in a fleet, the greatest profit can be achieved by taking the total cost per tonne of transported load as a criterion. Read in this whitepaper why looking beyond standard solutions always brings economic advantages.

Benefits of BAS Mining Trucks’ 8×4 widespread

What are the benefits of the new BAS Mining Trucks 8x4WS (widespread)?
To find out, this truck has been evaluated on the following features:

  • Maximum payload
  • Dump Body
  • Roll Stability
  • Powertrain

Read in this whitepaper how the new BAS Mining Trucks 8x4WS can safely transport at least 5 tonnes more payload than a regular 8×4 truck.