The 12x6 truck is based on the Volvo FH16 truck. With 3 driven axles and 4 steering axles, the truck is very versatile. With a payload of up to 75 tonnes, the cost per tonne is lower compared to other trucks in the same size class.
Discover the benefits of the 12x6 tipper
  1. 4 hydraulic axles, of which 3 are driven, can level the truck prior to dumping resulting in high stability.
  2. 37m3 tipper with a payload of 75 tonnes.
  3. 6th axle liftable when empty for reduced tyre wear and reduced fuel consumption.

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12x6 tipper projectS

unique features of our mining trucks

Tandem Bogie

The RADD-TR2 is a lubrication free, robustly dimensioned leaf spring suspended bogie for tandem drive rear axles. It is available with a 9- or 11-leaf conventional multi-leaf spring, which both are particularly designed for Very Rough conditions (Road condition according to Global Truck Application).

14 tonnes Axle

Due to the placing of the additional 15-tonnes axle, the 10×4 tipper and pusher can handle more payload and therefore gains a broader scope. The axle is liftable & steered.


The component frame has 3 functions: (1) protect the vehicle fuel tank, battery box, air tanks and hydraulic tank for damages (2) mounting bracket for gearbox cooler, steering gear cooler, tipper hydraulics and central lubrication system (3)optimizes the tipper mounting in respect to the weight distribution and creating space for the tilting cylinders