The ingenious system ejects the material from the truck body offering several advantages. Due to the center of gravity remaining low, the truck is very stable. The truck is capable of dumping on inclines, on side slopes and on unstable underfoot. The pusher dumps in 30 seconds and the truck can commence its return cycle immediately after dumping. The push plate retracts while driving.

Discover the benefits of the 8x4 pusher with single mounted tyres
  1. The two 20 tonnes axles are hydraulically suspended and driven and axle 4 is steered. This makes the truck ideally suited for challenging underfoot conditions.
  2. The push plate empties the truck in 30 seconds and it can retract, on the go, in 20 seconds.
  3. The rear door pushes open when pushing the material out. When retracting the push plate, the bottom door closes hydraulically.

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8x4 pusher single mounted projectS

unique features of our mining trucks


We mount an extra stabilizer between 3th and 4th axle. This creates more stability for the complete vehicle and therefore enhances safety.

Full Innerliner

For vehicles dealing with high frame stress, it is recommended to add reinforcements to the frame over the most exposed areas. The frame full inner liner is a 5 mm thick reinforcement profile, made from high-strength steel, that is applied from the front to the end of the frame.


The component frame has 3 functions: (1) protect the vehicle fuel tank, battery box, air tanks and hydraulic tank for damages (2) mounting bracket for gearbox cooler, steering gear cooler, tipper hydraulics and central lubrication system (3)optimizes the tipper mounting in respect to the weight distribution and creating space for the tilting cylinders