The ingenious system ejects the material from the truck body offering several advantages. Due to the center of gravity remaining low, the truck is very stable. The truck is capable of dumping on inclines, on side slopes and on unstable underfoot. The pusher dumps in 30 seconds and the truck can commence its return cycle immediately after dumping. The push plate retracts while driving. Another advantage is that the dump height is very low making it ideal for dumping underground.
Discover the benefits of the 10x4 pusher
  1. Push plate ejects load within 30 seconds. Returning this push plate can be done while driving.
  2. The bottom door - "snep"- will only open when load is pushed out. It is hydraulically closed when push plate returns.
  3. The hinging door closes by gravity. It ensures the highest possible payload.

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10x4 pusher projects

unique features of our mining trucks


RT3312 is a tandem axle with hub reduction. The maximum axle loading is 40 tonnes at a speed of 60 km/h. It is designed for heavy, demanding haulage. The two-axle drive means that the tractive effort can be transferred to the ground without wheel slip, giving excellent grip and very low tyre wear.


RSAP2 is a reinforced bogie to better withstand high loads under tough conditions.

14 tonnes Axle

Due to the placing of the additional 15-tonnes axle, the 10×4 tipper and pusher can handle more payload and therefore gains a broader scope. The axle is liftable & steered.