Test results 10×6 pusher

Test Janschwalde

BAS Mining Trucks introduced a brand new truck concept: the Volvo FMX 10x6 pusher with single mounted tires. After a few months of testing, we would like to share with you the first test results.


This vehicle is a perfect truck-solution for driving on rough terrain. For safety reasons, we placed a pusher body on the truck, which decreases the risk of tipping over during unloading to a minimum. Another advantage is the short unloading time and the ability to drive during discharging. This can reduce your unloading time by 50%.


The Volvo FMX 10×6 with single mounted tires has been tested at three  different projects in Germany, transporting coal and sand over distances of 700 to 3600 meters one way. At all projects, the new BAS Mining vehicle stood out in terrain skills, stability, payload and speed. This resulted in higher productivity and lower fuel consumption than its competitors. 


BAS Mining Trucks provides the best truck for each infrastructural, building or mining project worldwide. We provide tailored solutions in the form of a full-service concept with the ultimate goal; cost reduction per unit transported material for our clients, on a safe and sustainable way. 

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