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BAS Mining Trucks cooperates with its customers in early stage of their project. This way BAS Mining Trucks is able to configure the best suitable truck and guarantee the lowest cost per tonne. With the Full Service Concept BAS Mining Trucks takes care of the complete fleet management and guarantees an availability of the trucks of 90%.

  • Lowest cost per tonne

    The trucks offered by BAS Mining Trucks offer low purchasing, maintenance and fuel costs, which results in the lowest cost per tonne.

  • A configuration for each operation

    Our design engineers study your objectives and on-site work processes to be able to offer the best haulage solution for your infrastructural, industrial of mining project worldwide.

  • Support agreement

    With a support agreement, BAS Mining Trucks takes care of all maintenance & repair management of the complete fleet.

  • Guaranteed availability

    Uptime is key! With a globally guaranteed uptime of 90% (in combination with a support agreement), you can be assured that your trucks will have the highest availability.

  • Safety

    The driver environment, both inside and outside the cab, is equipped so the driver can do his job in a safe way without risking his own or anyone else’s safety.

  • Sustainability

    Sustainability entails efficient and responsible action with regard to people and the environment, as well as the deployment of durable equipment and materials that will stand the test of time.

    When we develop a truck our goal is clear: to minimize its environmental impact. BAS Mining Trucks, together with Volvo, creates customer value in ethical, responsible ways, beyond here and now.


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Latest news

  • New BAS Mining 10×4 tipper for Vicat

    The BAS Mining 10x4 tipper runs 24/7 and maintenance and repair will be caried out on site Vicats’ own workshop. Parts are delivered by the local Volvo truckdealer in Lyon. We wish them many pleasant working hours with their new BAS Mining trucks!...

  • BAS Mining Trucks delivers third Mining truck to KB Handel

    BAS Mining Trucks recently delivered an 8x4 widespread pusher with single mounted tyres to KB Handel. This is already the third BAS Mining truck that KB takes into operation at the OBA in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. ...

  • BAS Mining Trucks 10×4 widespread tipper

    Meet our newest BAS Mining Truck model: the 10x4 widespread tipper with a net payload of 56 tonnes. The tippers are in use at the Grensmaas Project in the south of The Netherlands for the haulage of sand and gravel over a distance of 0.5 to 1 km. ...


unique features of our mining trucks

Powertronic Transmission

This reliable transmission makes the truck very special. The 6-speed transmission is provided with a torque converter that more than doubles the torque in first two and reverse gear and delivers continuous traction, even when changing gear, making it ideal for working in extreme conditions. In top gear, the 6th, there is a lock-up that provides a direct connection so that the fuel consumption is reduced.


RSAP2 is a reinforced bogie to better withstand high loads under tough conditions.

Tandem Bogie

The RADD-TR2 is a lubrication free, robustly dimensioned leaf spring suspended bogie for tandem drive rear axles. It is available with a 9- or 11-leaf conventional multi-leaf spring, which both are particularly designed for Very Rough conditions (Road condition according to Global Truck Application).