The widespread haul trucks are equipped with a 38 tonne tandem axle. The strength of this tandem axle is improved by BAS Mining Trucks. The axles are placed further apart. This way, more space is created to mount bigger and wider tires. This brings more stability during driving and unloading on the one hand. On the other hand this results in more carrying capacity, resulting in 10x4 tipper trucks with a capacity of 31 m3 and a net payload of 56 tonnes. The new widespread haul trucks have a top speed of 50 km/h and can operate on a gradeability up to 15%. The 10x4 widespread trucks have a third axle which is pneumatically suspended. To reduce wear and tear of this axle, it is lifted automatically when the truck is empty or in reverse. To increase efficiency of your operation, more options like payload measurement system, inclinometer and BAS Fleet Connect are available.
BAS Mining 10x4 Widespread tipper
  1. Stronger tandem axles and widespread suspension with 385/95 R25 tires for axles 4 and 5. In this way, the tires on each axle can safely bear the 22.5 T load per axle, when the truck is fully loaded.
  2. The side-to-side stability is better as a result of the extra width over the tandem tires. The 10x4WS has a higher maximum theoretical lean angle limit.
  3. Based on the New Volvo FMX. The new cab is more spacious and designed for better visibility. All windows (front and sides) are wider which improves visibility around the truck.

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Full Innerliner

For vehicles dealing with high frame stress, it is recommended to add reinforcements to the frame over the most exposed areas. The frame full inner liner is a 5 mm thick reinforcement profile, made from high-strength steel, that is applied from the front to the end of the frame.


The two cylinders have double action. The tipper is squeezed upwards and is then pulled back down again. That saves a lot of dump time. The tipper has a special shape, so it already empties during dumping, thereby emptying as quickly as possible. Tiptime up 28 seconds, down 19 seconds.

Powertronic Transmission

This reliable transmission makes the truck very special. The 6-speed transmission is provided with a torque converter that more than doubles the torque in first two and reverse gear and delivers continuous traction, even when changing gear, making it ideal for working in extreme conditions. In top gear, the 6th, there is a lock-up that provides a direct connection so that the fuel consumption is reduced.