Next level partnership
Steel factory again chooses for BAS Mining Trucks

Last week BAS Mining Trucks delivered two new Volvo FMX 10x4 40m3 tippers –with a payload of 50 tonnes- to a subcontractor of a steel factory in Belgium. These tippers have been purchased for replacement of traditional dump trucks and are already the fourth and fifth mining trucks in their fleet. ‘New efficiency’ and lower Total Cost of Ownership are the main reasons for choosing BAS Mining Trucks.

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Partnership & service
The cooperation has started in 2015 by a request via Volvo Trucks dealer Automobilia (Pittem, Belgium). This is the local Volvo Trucks dealer which already has a long term relationship with our customer for the delivery of on road Volvo Trucks. The project consists of the haulage raw materials & waste products for steel production up to 2 kilometers on enclosed grounds. BAS Mining Trucks delivers the vehicles (and even provides a guaranteed residual value), Volvo Trucks dealer Automobilia carries out maintenance and service.

Partnership & rent
Due to successful employment of the first two tippers, our client ordered another vehicle in 2016 and two more in 2017. In the period between order and delivery, they rented two used BAS Mining Trucks to keep up with production on site.

Partnership & development
Due to the low weight material, BAS Mining Trucks provided a front cylinder tipper with a capacity of 40m3 -specially designed for this type of work- on a Volvo FMX 10x4 460hp Euro 5 chassis. For each new order, BAS Mining trucks investigates -together with the customer’s technical team- possible improvements to the vehicle. This is a continuous process and all improvements are, if possible, implemented to existing vehicles as well. In the choice of final configuration, efficiency and uptime are at the forefront of keeping Total Cost of Ownership as low as possible. Result: Perfect product, happy drivers, good service, made possible by great partnership.

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