Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility
Due to the nature of its activities, the mining industry has, in addition to a positive effect on the economy, also an enormous impact on both the environment and the quality of life of local residents. Therefore, companies in this sector attach great value to safety and sustainability.

To express our social commitment to the inhabitants of the region of BAS Mali, BAS Mining Trucks decided to sponsor a charity project. Bas van Heertum, commercial director, says: "During a visit to Randgold Resources Mali, I was asked to participate in one of the projects carried out in the context of social engagement. We are aware of the impact that mining has on the local population and would like to give something positive to back it up. Children are the future and education is therefore of great importance. We have decided to contribute to a project in which the computer room of a school in Kenieba is renewed."

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The work is being carried out on behalf of the Minister of Education of Mali. The computer room of the school is the former laboratory and will be completely refurbished. Work that will be done: placing doors and windows, renewing the roof panels, painting the walls, fixing sockets etc.

By removing a wall, the capacity of study places is doubled from 20 to 40. Also 25 desktop computers and an Internet connection will be installed. This will be the first Internet connection in Kenieba. "We are convinced that this is a very valuable project for the future of African children in this region and are proud that we can contribute to this."

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