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BAS Mining Trucks has been active in the mining industry since 2009 and has already implemented several projects throughout the world successfully. Please read what our clients say about us!  

DSC04968The Maas Border project is making the Maas river basin in the south of the Netherlands safer and prevents flooding. The project will take 14 years, 53 million tons of gravel will be won and 80 million tons of soil will be moved. The trucks drive 2.5 km, 4 times an hour, 10 hours per day. Every day, 8 trucks transport approximately 12 to 13,000 tonnes.

Location: South of The Netherlands
Project: Hauling gravel and soil
Production: 53 million tonnes of gravel and 80 million tonnes of soil (14 years)
Trip distance: 2,5 km (one way)
Type of agreement: Full service lease agreement 14 years

"The collaboration with BAS Trucks is perfect. We need only to call and they are available for us 24 hours a day. The most important driving aspects are comfort, the dashboard overview and the overview around the truck, not to mention the Power Tronic gearbox."


PC220006Nearly 30 tippers are in use at the Gounkoto gold mine at Randgold Resources' Loulo mining complex in Western Mali. The trucks transport ore from the Gounkoto mine to the plant at Loulo, some 30 kilometres away. The tippers have a full MARC agreement, which means that BAS Mining Trucks will take care of maintenance and repair for 7 years. BAS Mining Trucks has established a workshop on site and has employed an expat with extended knowledge of these trucks. He stays permanently on the mining site to train and support the local mechanics.

 Gounkoto, Mali
Project: Hauling gold ore to the plant at Loulo
Production: 660 tonnes/day
Trip distance: 30 km (one way)
Type of agreement: Full service lease agreement 7 years incl. workshop

"The main reasons we chose BAS Mining Trucks are the lease price and fuel consumption. At 14.2 litres per hour, the consumption is very low."

"This dedicated fleet will greatly reduce the cost per tonne of ore delivered to Loulo as a result of the increased hauling capacity and efficient fuel consumption."

"I appreciate very much the quality of BAS Mining Trucks we are using at Gounkoto to haul our ore to Loulo Plant. I cannot recall any issue which has impacted on our business due to BAS Mining Truck underperformance. Good partnership always leads to better deliver."


P4300406BAS Mining Trucks delivered four new Volvo FMX 10x4 tippers to Boskalis B.V. These tippers are operational  in Lelydorp, near Paramaribo (Suriname), for the transport of bauxite. To transport the bauxite in Suriname, the tipper bodies have a special anti-adherent coating to counteract the ‘stickiness’ of bauxite. The project consists of the removal of the topsoil, the "lift" of bauxite, the hauling and delivery of bauxite to the refinery in Suralco Paranam Suriname. Boskalis will remove about 20 million m3 of topsoil. Then, about 3.8 million tonnes of bauxite will be excavated and transported with dry earthmoving equipment to the Paranam refinery at approximately 12 km. distance from the bauxite mine.


Location: Lelydorp, Suriname
Project: Hauling & delivery of bauxite to the refinery in Suralco Paranam
Production: 20 million m3 of topsoil and 3.8 million tonnes of bauxite
Trip distance: 12 km (one way)
Type of agreement: Full service lease agreement 5 years incl. workshop

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