Mining concept

Bas Mining Concept
BAS Mining Trucks is the new standard for performance, productivity and efficiency. We provide the mining industry with trucks that embody innovation, co-operation, sustainability and the future.
  Mutually beneficial interests  

The unique mining sector requires a great deal from both men and materials. For this reason, workers need maximum support when carrying out their duties. The resources must therefore offer them optimum comfort, a perfect overview and awareness of their workplace, maximum protection of health & safety and of course, complete user friendliness. At BAS Mining Trucks, we understand that better than anyone else. We enable our clients to boost the efficiency of their processes whilst simultaneously optimising the facilities placed at the workers’ disposal. We call this ‘the new efficiency’. There is no reason why the interests of all parties have to conflict with each other. On the contrary, the knowledge, skills, products and passion of BAS Mining Trucks can even make these interests reinforce one another. Together we can move mountains!


- Custom-made trucks
- High payload
- Full Service partner
- Cost reduction

  - Performance
- Productivity
- Safety & Sustainability
- Efficiency
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