Best fit for the job

Volvo FMX 8x4 widespread pushers with single mounted tyres for Jac Rijk
BAS Mining Trucks has delivered three new Volvo FMX 8x4 widespread pushers with single mounted tyres –with a payload of 40 tonnes- to Jac Rijk GmbH in Germany. These pushers will be used for the transport of residual of a power plant. Safety & ‘new efficiency’ are the main reasons for choosing BAS Mining Trucks.


How it all started
Jac Rijk and BAS Mining Trucks have cooperated in the past, on a project in Suriname. Last year, when BAS Mining Trucks introduced the Volvo FMX 10x6 with single mounted tyres, they were the first company to test this vehicle. The test was carried out on the power plant in Germany. The vehicle stood out in terrain skills, stability, payload and speed. 

New efficiency
The residual of the power plant is a product with a very low density. Therefore, an 8x4 configuration, with a payload of 40 tonnes, was the best fit for this job. First results are very positive. They achieve high productivity figures in combination with low fuel consumption. The drivers praise the maneuverability and high comfort of the trucks. 

These three Volvo FMX 8x4 WS 520hp pushers are purchased with a full service contract. Service will be carried out by BAS Truck Center. In the period between order and delivery, they rented a used BAS Mining Pusher to keep up with production on site.

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