10×4 tippers for Jac Rijk

Jac Rijk Grensmaas

BAS Mining Trucks has delivered four BAS Mining 10x4 tippers –with a payload of 50 tonnes- to Jac Rijk. These tippers are in operation at the Grensmaas Project in the Netherlands for the transport of gravel & sand.


For ten years, BAS Mining 10×4 tippers have been in use at the Grensmaas project, as it was the start-up project of BAS Mining Trucks. The trucks have always stood out in high payload and low fuel consumption and have therefore proven to be the best fit for the project. Jac Rijk purchased the 10×4 tippers with a full service contract. Service is carried out by BAS Truck Center.


The Grensmaas project started in 2009 and runs until 2027. In total, 53 million tonnes of gravel will be won and 80 million tonnes of sand will be moved. Goal of the project is to make the Maas river basin (in the south of The Netherlands) safer and to prevent flooding.


Over the past 80 years Jac Rijk developed into a global earthmoving specialist. Their activities exist of (large-scale) earthmoving for civil works, mining, infrastructural works and nature development. Jac Rijk and BAS Mining Trucks have cooperated on several projects before. For a project in Suriname, where they mined bauxite, BAS Mining trucks delivered 10×4 tippers and last year, Jac Rijk started at a project in Germany with 8×4 pushers with single mounted tires.

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