New innovations

new innovations
The trucks we develop are unrivalled in their effectiveness for projects involving substantial distances. The trucks provided by BAS Mining Trucks offer the perfect solution for distances ranging from as little as 1 km to as far as 250 km between loading zone and dump zone. The trucks offered by BAS Mining Trucks offer low purchasing, maintenance and fuel costs.
Powertronic transmission

This reliable transmission makes the truck very special. The 6-speed transmission is provided with a torque converter that more than doubles the torque in first two and reverse gear and delivers continuous traction, even when changing gear, making it ideal for working in extreme conditions. In top gear, the 6th, there is a lock-up that provides a direct connection so that the fuel consumption is reduced.

  Heavy Duty Rear Axle  
Heavy duty rear axle
Tandem Bogie
The RADD-TR2 is a lubrication free, robustly dimensioned leaf
spring suspended bogie for tandem drive rear axles. It is available with a 9- or 11-leaf conventional multi-leaf spring, which both are particularly designed for Very Rough conditions (Road condition according to Global Truck Application).
Rear suspension application
Extra stabilizer
We mount an extra stabilizer between 3th and 4th axle. This creates more stability for the complete vehicle and therefore enhances safety.
  Stabilisator _web  
  5th -axle  
Extra 20-tonnes axle
  20-tons -axle2  
Full Innerliner Chassis
For vehicles dealing with high frame stress, it is recommended to add reinforcements to the frame over the most exposed areas. The frame full inner liner is a 5 mm thick reinforcement profile, made from high-strength steel, that is applied from the front to the end of the frame. It provides rigidity and strength to entire truck frame making the trucks ideally suited for heavy duty off road applications.
  Full -innnerliner  

The two cylinders have double action. The tipper is squeezed upwards and is then pulled back down again. That saves a lot of dump time. The tipper has a special shape, so it already empties during dumping, thereby emptying as quickly as possible. Tiptime up 28 seconds, down 19 seconds.

  Double -cylinders  
  Component -frame  
Component frame
Anti-adherent coating

The Volvo FMX 10x4 tipper has been successfully deployed throughout the world. Customisations include, amongst many others, tipper bodies with a special anti-adherent coating to counteract the ‘stickiness’ of bauxite. This and other innovations are guaranteed to simplify your business operations and greatly increase efficiency.

  Anti -adhesive  
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