New environment

New environment
Due to the nature of the activities, safety and sustainability are high priorities in the mining industry. Sustainability entails efficient and responsible action with regard to people and the environment, as well as the deployment of durable equipment and materials that will stand the test of time. At BAS Mining Trucks, these issues play a key role in all of the decisions we make during the conduct of our business operations.

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“Safety is, and must always be, the basic principle behind all design,” said Volvo’s founders many decades ago. We have lived according to that motto ever since, and the Volvo FMX is no exception. All our cabs meet prevailing safety standards – including Swedish cab safety requirements, which are the strictest in the world. The driver environment, both inside and outside the cab, is equipped so the driver can do his job in a safe way without risking his own or anyone else’s safety.

When we develop a truck our goal is clear: to minimize its environmental impact. Volvo creates customer value in ethical, responsible ways, beyond the here and now. The equipment provided by BAS Mining Trucks offers the perfect solution for distances ranging from as little as 2km to as far as 100km between the mine and the ore processing plant. This results in instant savings in purchasing, maintenance and fuel costs. Nowhere in the world will you get a better deal!

Dynafleet is a telematics solution for efficient fleet management. The Fuel & Environment Service enables you to follow the exact performance of your trucks and drivers. In just seconds, you can generate reports from a wide range of parameters and discover why a particular driver consumes more fuel than another using the very same truck. This way, potential savings can be identified faster and more precise than ever before.

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