New efficiency

Mining industry
The mining industry is a highly specialist sector which sets unique criteria, expectations and requirements with regard to haulage. For example, it demands very strong and durable materials; it involves the haulage of large quantities of ore, minerals, coal and overburden and requires high rimpull. BAS Mining Trucks delivers when it comes to strong and durable trucks that are ideally suited for the mining, quarrying and construction industries.
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Mutually beneficial interests
New efficiency

We enable companies to boost the efficiency of their operations while optimising the facilities placed at the workers’ disposal. We call this ‘the new efficiency’. The knowledge, skills, products and passion of BAS Mining Trucks can even make the interests of our customers and the interests of BAS Mining Trucks reinforce each other. In every partnership we take our responsibility, both socially as well as financially, with respect to people and environment. Together we can move mountains!

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