10x6 pushers for Gala Mibrag

The 10x6 widespread pushers with single mounted tyres are now over one year in use at the Gala Mibrag project in Profen, East Germany. The vehicles are used for the haulage of overburden.

10x6 with Single mounted tires
With high driveability on off-road terrain, this truck is a better and more efficient solution to articulated dump trucks. 
8x4 widespread pusher
BAS Mining Trucks has delivered three new 8x4 widespread pushers with single mounted tyres –with a payload of 40 tonnes- to Jac Rijk GmbH. The pushers are used for the haulage of waste product from the stock pile to a depot, 2-3 kilometers away.
12x6 tipper
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BAS Mining Trucks offers 40-70 tonne payload haul trucks to surface and underground mining and construction companies. 

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BAS Water Truck
The BAS Mining Water Truck has a capacity of 27 m3 and a spraying width of 20 metres. Due to the high stability frame inside the watertank, the truck remains steady even when driving 50 km/h.
Mining Comparison

In this movie, we compare our Volvo FMX 10x4 tipper, with a traditional 40 ton dumper and a 64 ton off highway truck.

Pusher Compilation

All advantages of the Volvo FMX Pusher are shown in this compilation

BAS Mining
This movie shows all possibilities of the BAS Mining Trucks and the total concept. Enjoy watching!
BAS Mining Trucks Animation
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