10x6 with single mounted tires

10x6 with single mounted tires
Currently we are working on a new type of BAS Mining vehicle; a Volvo FMX 10x6 with single mounted tires. With high drivability on off-road terrain, this truck will be a better and more efficient solution to articulated dump trucks. We would like to give you a sneak preview!

Truck solution for rough terrain
Earlier this year, in very close cooperation with Terberg, we started making the first sketches of the Volvo FMX 10x6 chassis with single mounted tires. “We receive many requests for transport solutions on rough terrain. Our Volvo FMX 10x4 trucks are designed for haulage on well-maintained roads. Therefore we decided to create a truck-solution for driving on rough terrain. For safety reasons, we place a pusher body on the truck, because the chance of tipping over during unloading is relatively high on rough terrain. Another advantage is the short unloading time and the ability to drive during discharging. This can reduce your unloading time by 50%,” commercial Director Bas van Heertum indicates.


10x 6-mailing2


Under Construction
At the moment, BAS Mining Trucks is assembling the first prototype. First tests can be done by January 2017. There is already a customer who has agreed to run these tests. Like all BAS Mining vehicles, this truck stands out in capacity and fuel consumption and has the extra advantage of having a significantly lower price level than their counterpart (articulated dump trucks).





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